1What is the title of your presentation?
The title of my presentation changes to reflect current market conditions.
2Where can we get a current bio and high-resolution photos for marketing?
3Can we record and distribute your event to our attendees?
I would request that if you video my presentation, that it not be posted to YouTube or other social media platforms without my express permission.
You have my permission to distribute my PowerPoint to all attendees at your event.
4Do you enjoy making presentations as much as you seem to?
Yes! I greatly enjoy sharing useful information with other people.


1How long is your presentation?
Typically, the total meeting time is 60 minutes; including the last 10 minutes for audience Q/A.
2What formats do you prefer for webinars?
I currently am using two formats, and both have been well received by clients and their attendees.

Format One:
A “fireside chat” where there is a host and me on the call. The host asks me questions and I answer them. I can provide a list of questions that are highly relevant to your audience. You can supplement my questions with your own. The audience is encouraged to submit questions to the host during the event, and their questions are used for the last 5 to 15 minutes.

Format Two:
A “keynote” presentation, where I use a 50-minute PowerPoint. I ask that the host controls moving from slide to slide during my presentation. The last 10 minutes are devoted to audience questions.
3Who provides and moderates the webinar?
I prefer to have the client set up and run the webinar.

In-person presentations

1Are you doing in-person presentations at this time?
Yes, I’m scheduling live events. I also am available to make virtual presentations into live conventions.
2What laptop do you use for the presentation?
I use a client's laptop for the presentation. I will email my PowerPoint file a few days prior to the event, so that it can be loaded on the client’s laptop.
3Where do you like your laptop during the presentation?
I strongly prefer to have a laptop at the podium. This allows me to present a lot of information in a short time frame and keep eye contact with the audience.
If the laptop is not at the podium, then I can also use a ‘courtesy monitor’ located near the podium or center stage.
4Do your presentations require audio or an internet connection?
I like to keep things simple. My presentations do not have sound or video, and they do not require an internet connection.
5Do you use speaker notes?
I make a unique presentation to each audience, and I do not use speaker notes. That’s why I need the laptop at the podium or the courtesy monitor.

Booking logistics

1Do you need a contract?
An email string that confirms the date, time and financial arrangements is all I need. If you need to have a contract, I’ll be happy to sign one that you create.
2 Do you require a deposit?
I do not require a deposit. Typically, I send my client an invoice for the speaking fee shortly after the event. The client then mails the check to me a few days later.
3Can you send our accountants a W-9?
I will send my W-9 by US mail to the address you specify.