Dr. Dotzour’s speaking calendar has now filled for 2024.

In 2025, he will be speaking at events between January 15 and April 25.

He will begin to book 2025 events in October 2024.

Helping you make good investment and business decisions

Mark Dotzour delivers 60-100 speeches each year to a wide variety of audiences. His goal for each of his presentations is to synthesize global, social, and economic trends to give his audience a tool kit of factual information to help them make good investment and business decisions. His audiences include virtually every facet of the real estate industry, and accountants, wealth managers, bankers, private equity funds and foundations. Each presentation is individually tailored to meet the needs of the audience.


Approach to presentations

“I realized that I need to be the 50,000-foot guy who sets the picture in terms of what the overall market condition looks like."
Instead of focusing solely on a market’s real estate landscape, Dotzour examines the global economy, explaining how it will trickle down to the national, state and city levels. He also keeps a close eye on interest rates, predicting what the central bank is going to do, whether we're going to have higher inflation.
“I follow the big, general pictures, but the difference between me and most every other economist I've ever met is that I analyze the same economic information that other economists do, but I translate that down to real estate decisions."

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Core Values

My core values when I interact with people and make presentations are:

  • All people are created by God and deserve respect, compassion and grace.
  • Minivans are cool.
  • Black wingtip shoes are snappy.
  • Spreadsheets are fun.
  • Economics is fascinating.

Clients are saying...

  • Minnesota CCIM Chapter Symposium
    You have been the most talked about and appreciated speaker/presenter we’ve ever had. You presented great material that was quite thought-provoking.    
    Minnesota CCIM Chapter Symposium
  • Las Vegas NAIOP Chapter
    You are the Elephant Hunter… The only guy that can spot the elephant in the room when everyone else is looking for crumbs for mouses.
    Las Vegas NAIOP Chapter
  • ReJournals Commercial Real Estate Forecast
    You are required listening!!!! If you are in commercial real estate, and times are difficult or uncertain, you must enhance your human capital… and the single best way to do that is to listen to Dr. Dotzour every chance you get!
    ReJournals Commercial Real Estate Forecast
  • Commercial appraiser, Cushman & Wakefield
    When I heard you speak in January 2020 at the North Texas Realty Conference, you got my attention because at the time you were the only person I heard who was actually predicting lower interest rates over the long term. You accurately predicted EXACTLY what would happen at the next recession; who could have imagined it would begin only a couple of months later. As you predicted, the Fed dropped rates to zero and the currency printers have been turned on.
    Commercial appraiser, Cushman & Wakefield
  • NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
    You are far and away the most reasoned voice in the world right now. Thank you for always being you!!!!!!!! Great stuff!!!!!!
    NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
  • Texas A&M Fellows
    It is very clear to me that you are someone who has academic curiosity, but what is even more clear is that your curiosity stems from wanting to know the why behind things, because you truly care.
    Texas A&M Fellows
  • Texas A&M Fellows
    I really value your candor and frankness with us in order to impart truth, and I especially liked your advice to seek an understanding of what is happening in business from those living and working in it rather than the media. I think that this shows the way that you are able to find fact and truth in the face of opinion and distortions.
    Texas A&M Fellows
  • Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association
    I was in complete hypnosis listening to you during your presentation! I did come shake your hand afterward as that was the most fascinating 60 minutes I’ve had professionally over my 20 year career.
    Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association
  • LJA Engineering
    I always enjoy your economic forecast presentations. Your presentations are clear, concise and understandable, and accurate. You have great communication skills and a wickedly funny sense of humor.
    LJA Engineering
  • Texas A&M College of Business
    Your love for learning is contagious! It is incredibly refreshing to hear from someone who is willing to shoot straight with us. I have never met someone as passionate about his or her work as you are.
    Texas A&M College of Business
  • San Antonio Board of Realtors
    Your presentation was exactly what I needed....the untainted truth and the numbers don't lie. Your passion and humor make a really impactful presentation.
    San Antonio Board of Realtors
  • Minnesota CCIM Symposium
    It was an absolute pleasure being able to sit back and listen to your views of the world economy, politics and the future.  I thoroughly enjoyed the insight and analytics you brought to the discussion.
    Minnesota CCIM Symposium
  • Minnesota Shopping Center Association
    Thank you for gracing us with an amazing amount of wonderful information and also not mincing words. I greatly appreciated when you talked about the media. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Minnesota Shopping Center Association
  • Tanglewood Title
    Excellent comments delivered with exceptional humor.
    Tanglewood Title
  • Texas A&M Business Fellows Class
    Your work ethic and dedication is admirable.  Your passion and expertise challenged me.  You have definitely inspired me to continue to train like an athlete to be successful in my career, while still focusing on humility and family.
    Texas A&M Business Fellows Class
  • Frost Bank Houston
    Your speech was fantastic, entertaining and very informative. As a business owner who is not very experienced in economic theory, I am always listening and learning. Your presentation was very helpful.
    Frost Bank Houston
  • Jefferson Bank
    Thank you for the informative and objective presentation. I appreciated your truth-laden humor as well as the distillation of so many complex factors into a singular thought process that makes sense.
    Jefferson Bank
  • Houston CCIM Chapter
    We have been honored for many years to have you join us as Master of Ceremonies and keynote speaker at the Annual Commercial Real Estate Forecast Competition. You have played a key role in the success of this CCIM program since 2002, a great run for us. Your colorful presentations always include timely and meaningful information delivered in your special style (a combination of Ted Talks, political satire with a touch of zen) that educates and entertains the audience.
    Houston CCIM Chapter
  • Keller Williams National Meetings

    I'm still laughing from what was the best 45 minute presentation on basic economics I've heard in years! You were masterful at distilling a (normally) boring  topic in an entertaining and very "nuts and bolts" easy to digest format.

    Keller Williams National Meetings
  • Realtors Commercial Alliance of Grand Rapids Michigan
    Your style is refreshing, informative, and comes from the heart and mind of an educator dedicated to informing people about the truth. OUTSTANDING!
    Realtors Commercial Alliance of Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Lifestyles Unlimited
    Your honesty and realism is much appreciated in a world that is made to live in illusion. The perspective you provide helps me keep my foot on the ground while I work. Keep up the great work and speaking the truth - very few people do it these days.
    Lifestyles Unlimited
  • Commercial Alliance of Las Vegas’ Educational Symposium

    I have received several comments from audience participants who felt your presentation was the best overview of the national economy they had ever heard. You seemed to be able to sweep aside much of the smoke and mirrors and to drill down into what is really happening, who is doing it and what their motivation is; so a big Texas Thank You for your time and presentation.

    Commercial Alliance of Las Vegas’ Educational Symposium

Comments from Texas A&M Mays School Business Fellows Students

January 2022

“Thank you for your authenticity and passion.”

“I appreciated your insights on foreign policy, federal policy and real estate economics. Your hope in the American people is inspiring to my generation.”

“Thank you for being honest on the current political status in our country and for pointing out how immigration is an issue that needs to be solved.”

“Your presentation gave me a new appreciation for approaching difficult subjects with realism yet maintaining a sense of optimism because of the fortitude of the American people.”

“I really loved your candor and openness with your thoughts and opinions.”

“To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by my lack of knowledge at the beginning of your presentation. But your ability to honestly and clearly share the importance of the economy put me at ease and allowed me to glean so much from your research.”