My clients are trade associations and businesses that invite me to make a presentation for:

a) their board of directors, staff and stockholders for internal strategic planning considerations
b) top clients and prospective clients
c) local, state and national conventions.

Since 1997, I have continuously monitored global, national, state and local economic conditions to help people make informed decisions related to real estate. That is what makes me somewhat unique, because I tie all my analysis to real estate decisions. There are a lot of industries with a keen interest in real estate: residential, commercial, government, construction, engineering, finance and investment. All of these groups are my clients.

People have referred to me as 'the 50,000 foot guy', and that's pretty accurate. I speak all over the country to a broad variety of industries. Consequently, I don't have the time to analyze local market conditions. I'm not the guy to give an update on current local market conditions.

When my clients want to include local analysis, they will often have a local data provider offer 5-10 minutes of local statistics before I make my presentation. That gives me the opportunity to add some explanation and analysis to the data trends they provide.


Big Picture Approach

“I realized that I need to be the 50,000-foot guy who sets the picture in terms of what the overall market condition looks like." Instead of focusing solely on a market’s real estate landscape, Dotzour examines the global economy, explaining how it will trickle down to the national, state and city levels. He also keeps a close eye on interest rates, predicting what the central bank is going to do, whether we're going to have higher inflation. “I follow the big, general pictures, but the difference between me and most every other economist I've ever met is that I analyze the same economic information that other economists do, but I translate that down to real estate decisions."

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